For over 28 years we have been friends.
 We have survived and thrived through divorce, house fires,
loss of children, loss of dreams and loss of jobs.  We have
been at each others weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties,
remodeling parties and I’m having a rough day lets have coffee days.
 We live blue collar lives in very affluent neighborhoods
which has given us the opportunity to observe the disease of affluenza
as well as deal with it within our own familes and ourselves.
 These communities have given our children the opportunity to
be involved in some of the best educational opportunities available in
public schools.  We lack for nothing (except maybe storage
space and garages) and have more than enough for our families at all

We have disagreed about things, argued, giggled,
laughed and cried together but we have never let go of a few important
values and beliefs.  We are both Episcopalians so we come from
background that has encouraged exploring our beliefs rather than
accepting them.  No matter what, we both know at our deepest
level that God is and God is within ourselves and each other.
  We both learned that we could do anything we set our minds
on, as long as we hemmed our day with time with God.  And more
than anything, we both are Pantry cooks…more about that later.
Join us and find out the secrets
of living abundantly
when our society tries to label us as poor!

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